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Working From Home Tips

Working From Home Tips

#FlexibleWorking seems like a definite thing moving forward as businesses are talking about post Covid working arrangements. Each business is different and while some may support flexible working with workers being able to split their time with home and office, some business are solely working from home. How then do we manage this as workers, having a space that is not separate from home?

Define the work area. The work area needs to be defined in the home, whether it is a particular wall or space and trying not to move around the home with work. In many scenarios this is easier said than done, but just like an office, have a dedicated space to work. It could be an area of the living room or bedroom if it is big enough to manage this. If you have a good sized hallway, a section of that could even be used for work. The space can have defining features like wall decoration or a different colour scheme.

Frames are a good way to define the space and add interest. This can be done with nails or with these great sticky strips that don’t damage the wall (when used properly). They can be put up in an orderly fashion or randomly placed on a section of wall. Move the frames around every so often, it will break up the monotony of the space. Have something relaxing in the frames like nature, or nice family photos. Motivational quotes are also quite good for that needed boost working from home.

The ideal scenario is a separate room all together. If this is the case, make sure this room has good natural light and is only used for working. Try not to mix functions of rooms, it can affect productivity if you start to relax in the room you work in.

Furniture is important here. Get a good desk and a good ergonomic chair. The desk can be a simple one from IKEA or maybe a slightly more expensive and stylish one from Made or Habitat. Invest in a good chair, this is more for health than style as sitting in a bad chair for hours just adds unnecessary problems.

Above all, take breaks, walk around, eat properly and take care of the home/work life balance.

Photo: House and Garden

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